Tea-a-holic, tea frolics… it’s all healthy procrastination.

My name is Alexandra Simpson and I’m going to write about tea because there isn’t much in my life that doesn’t relate to it.

The tea aisle, the tea isle, interpret it however you choose.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter: @AlexisPerplexed

Sip, slurp and enjoy!


7 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Hi Alexandra,
    I recently stumbled across your blog via WordPress Showcase, and wanted to say I love it! I am new to the blogging scene, and was trying to find some blogs that have a something in common with my passion.
    I recently became obsessed with the power of natural ingredients in beauty products, and jumped into creating RAW: my all natural beauty products. Many teas are used in natural beauty remedies, if you would be interested, perhaps we could attempt a guest author type of post 🙂
    If you have it to spare, please take the time to visit my blog, leave some feedback/critique, and enter the first giveaway leading up to the offical launch of RAW.

  2. Hi RAW beauty products! Thanks so much for reading my blog, I’m also pretty new to the scene.

    A collaboration sounds great, what were you thinking? I’ll take a look at yours now!


  3. Hi Alexandra I hope you enjoyed your ‘cuppa’ at the Cachepot Vintage Tearoom today. I didnt realise I was in the presence of an expert! ‘Echinacea’ can be nominated as the word of the day!! Ha ha! Hope you enjoyed it anyway. x

    • Hi Jane, I really enjoyed my visit to your tearoom and will be writing about it very shortly! The Lapsang Souchong proved a worthy gamble, I’ll definitely be returning. I hope you like my blog, thanks for your lovely comments x

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