Tea and Academia

I’ve been absent from the world of blogging recently.

Walking through the historic doors of my university, I quickly found myself buried beneath a never-ending stack of novels, essays and grammar books, still reaching for the kettle but rarely having the time to enjoy a sip (let alone write about it).

The seeds of this blog were sown in the clutches of pre-exam madness and procrastination. As summer arrived and my imagination was set free from the confinement of the textbook, my silly little blog was allowed to flourish into a silly, but rather successful, little blog. When autumn began to show its colours, a thought entered my mind: how will life as a blogger correspond to life as a student? “Perfectly!” I told myself… Badly being the reality.¬†Inspiration continues to knock at my door and tea still occupies the majority of my cupboard space but time is most definitely not on my side. And so I have found myself succumbing to the pressure of university, metaphorically unplugging the kettle and returning my imagination to the textbook. But enough is enough.

I’ve decided that the two loves of my life, tea and learning, are going to have to get along. Why? As I see it, neither can exist without a little interference from the other… Nor should they have to.


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