Say It With Tea: Part 3

The thoughtful gift. It’s not always easy to take the ‘thoughtful’ angle when buying someone a gift. 6 hours of marching up and down Oxford Street can result in an impulsive, frankly absurd purchase that you tell yourself your cousin will love, but who are you convincing? The only person such an item will satisfy is yourself as you clamber into bed at the end of the day, riddled with shopping induced aches and pains.

But alas, stop! Your days of shoving a tenner in a card, wrapping those slightly average pairs of socks and cringing inside as you receive the ‘oh… it’s great… thanks’ reaction are over. The world of tea prevails again, offering you some brilliant buys your friends and family are sure to believe you’ve planned meticulously for months. Well, maybe weeks…

I’ll begin with the niftiest tea bag on the market: the Zan’s Almigh’tea Bag.

Image available at:

I suppose one might describe it as the modern (and fun) take on the time-honoured tea infuser. It’s small, it’s cute, it comes in a range of colours and it’s ridiculously useful whether you’re a tea know-it-all or a tea novice. What is it you may ask? It’s a vessel for your loose tea leaves, an empty tea bag if you will. Simply add the leaves, dunk it into your mugful of hot water (like any normal teabag) and watch your scrumptious tea infuse before your eyes. My Zan’s Almigh’tea Bag was an unexpected yet much appreciated gift from my boyfriend, Fred. I loved it, not only because it was from him, but because it is so eccentric. There’s something very special about receiving a gift that’s off the beaten track: it demonstrates a thoughtfulness, an extra hint of effort that is somewhat flattering. But be warned! My mum assures me it’s a devil to clean (her response was a little too explicit to quote…).

And if you want to go that extra ‘thoughtful’ mile, why not team it with a tin of loose tea so your recipient can try out their new utensil right away? Kusmi is the king of the loose tea realm, offering a tantalising array of blends to satisfy all ages and tastes. My favourite has to be their Strawberry Green Tea, but it’s not the only blend that’ll knock your socks off: Detox for the health conscious friend, Anastasia for the older, more refined family members and Lapsang Souchong for the manly men in your lives.


The ‘tin and tea combo’ market is booming and these beautiful Williamson tea caddies are pretty much unparalleled in the shops. They’re a fail-safe buy for house proud friends and oldies alike. Why? Because once the fine quality tea bags have been demolished (they’re so good we’re talking weeks rather than months here), you’re left with a handy and charming elephant tin that’ll ‘chic-up’ any kitchen, office or bedroom. Take a look for yourself:

High Grown Kenyan

Jubilee Limited EditionEarl Gray

Images available at:

Around £9 from John Lewis, they’re reasonably priced and readily available: essential quick fix gift knowledge, if you ask me…


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