Say It With Tea: Part 2

The ‘kitsch’ home accessory. Kitsch. A phenomenon many indulge in without understanding. It is an adjective rarely employed without a sense of irony, a consciousness of the sheer tackiness, even garishness of the object in question. But it is nonetheless an adjective used lovingly, because like it or not, kitsch is ‘in’. Gone are the days when echoes of ‘chuck out your chintz’ resounded in middle class streets. Gone are the days of the disappointment at receiving a homemade tea cosy for Christmas. It’s cool to be uncool!

And so I feel it my duty to explore the realm of decorative tea gift ideas. The shops are simply brimming with adorable (not forgetting superfluous and impulsive) products that will please children, students, aunts, friends, newlyweds and neighbours alike. Take for instance this £20 beau-tea…

It’s unique, it’s fun, it’s educative (to a tea novice) and as I happen to be lying on it, I can also assure you that it’s comfortable. But more than this, it’s a foolproof gift idea: who doesn’t need another adorable pillow? Whether the receiver drinks tea or not, you’d be hard pushed to find someone who didn’t find the iconic image of the teacup easy on the eye.

But if your gran’s allergic to pillows, there are plen-tea of other options. For any aspiring kitsch gardeners, giant teacup plant pots are not to be missed. There are so many variations on the market, but I particularly like this one from Denby:

Kitsch home accessories are most probably some of the most whimsical,  nonessential and excessive gifts you could bestow upon an individual. That being said, they are also some of the most interesting and marvellous. Every product falling under the elaborate umbrella of ‘kitsch’ is a bastion of creativity and singularity. It is a fad that looks to the past to shape the present and it is a 21st century solution to your 21st century gift problems.


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