Tea Hits the Headlines

Shake your piggy banks, cancel your subscriptions and kiss goodbye to that trip to Urban Outfitters, because the price of tea is set to soar.

Okay, perhaps it may not be as bad as I’ve made out, but it is nonetheless true. Rifling through the altogether confusing, repetitive and mostly superfluous facts and figures in the news, I thought it fitting to present the simple truth about the tea situation. The severity of the Sri Lankan and Indian monsoon seasons in conjunction with adverse Kenyan weather conditions has triggered a fall in production. Less produce means higher prices, meaning the average price of a box of tea could rise by up to 50p this winter.

It may not be bankruptcy inducing, but it’s massive news for the tea world and it’s got me wondering: will the price of tea be as willing to fall as it has been to rise? I suppose there’s always Poundland…


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