University is a revolutionary happening in the life of a teenager. It unlocks the mind, unleashes aspirations, reveals previously hidden truths. What we were once a slave to, we conquer and what once seemed essential becomes an accessory. Reflecting upon the months before university changed my life forever, I realise my attention was held by little more than working, sleeping and partying. Nottingham’s student night became an unmissable event, a weekly institution, an obsession. But a year on, I find the freedom and inimitable cool of London haunts me as I wander the bustling, drunken midnight streets of Nottingham and I can’t help but feel a little disillusioned. And so, last night I (along with a group of close friends) decided to take a stand. Why settle for mediocrity for fear of change? Just as our bodies, our tastes, our opinions evolve, so too should our habits. And so we decided to branch out, and found ourselves in The Rescue Rooms…

Passing the intimidating yet evidently uninterested bouncers, we fumbled through the door. We were walking into the unknown, an abyss of unfamiliarity. As I reached the bar, the crisp, classic sounds of the DJ’s vinyls hit my ears. The Beatles. Good start. Momentarily distracted, I scanned the bar for a potential beverage and as my eyes reached their final destination, the seeds of change began to blossom. According to Sara Perry, tea is hot and getting hotter. According to last night, it’s also getting naughtier.

The Rescue Rooms offers a unique compromise for those torn between a night in with a cup of tea and a full blown knees up: the alcoholic teapot. They are quite literally teapots filled with alcohol and they are also quite literally marvelous. After clubbing together to buy a £10 pot filled with vodka, orange juice and blue curacao, we sat in our plush, extravagant booth and let the chaos begin. Instead of teacups the teapot is accompanied by shot glasses, a dangerous (if you have to get up early the next day) but nonetheless fun twist on convention. As the thick blue concoction fell from the spout, I’ll admit I was a little nervous. Of course, shot by shot all nervousness was replaced by a hazy perception of the beauty of the world and an increased admiration for our charming friend, the teapot. And here he is!

(In case you were wondering, the half-naked, vinyl wielding man is the DJ…)

Alcohol + teapot = love. Whether you’re an avid tea lover or not, you can’t deny the sheer genius of such a bizarre combination. Not only is such a purchase aesthetically pleasing, it’s also budget pleasing (£10 buys you a hell of a lot of shots, around 15). But what essentially makes the concept so alluring is its symbolism. It signifies a rebellion, a rejection of society’s conventions: teapots were built for tea, not alcohol. The disregard for the boundaries feels wrong, tastes right, proves irresistible. Looking back shot by shot, I realise the teapot provided that little spark of eccentricity that I now need to boogie the night away. I foresee immense difficulty in forgetting my encounter with The Rescue Rooms: their teapots are the Romeo to my Juliet, the Keith to my Richards. As for remembering the rest, you’ll have to ask the tea pot…


One thought on “Teashots

  1. Teapots and alcohol – a mix I have never though of before. Would make alcohol more fun though. What a great idea. I raise my mug of tea in honour of whoever thought of it!

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