PiP Studio

Trendy, dashing and natty? Prim and proper, classy and classic?  ‘Shabby chic’, dapper and oh so elegant? I’m simply torn between pages upon pages of adjectives that could fractionally capture the essence of PiP Studio. And if you haven’t heard of it, that’s probably because you’re not supposed to have yet. Gracing the glistening shelves of John Lewis, PiP Studio is definitely on the ‘up and coming’ list…

The Dutch home ware brand initially burst into my life a few weeks ago. Dining in a flat brimming with PiP’s colourful cushions, scintillating bed sheets and pearlescent  tableware, it was hard to be anything other than spellbound. And, in facilitating the clash between your Grandma’s tea set or sofa and the delicacy of a spring afternoon, their products (and particularly the ones that  have anything remotely to do with tea)  possess a certain magic. And now I have my very own…

Images from www.johnlewis.com

The aesthetic aspect of PiP’s floral tableware is unmistakable: the teacup patterns are playful and youthful, incorporating spring-like elements, yet the subtle undertones of maturity do not fail to safely smolder beneath the fun-loving porcelain surface. Their cup and saucer sets are a tale of two entities: the feminine innocence of the teacup jostles with the stern and solid print that engulfs the saucer for precedence. And although it was constructed with the cappuccino in mind, the cup has depth, it has sturdiness and much more space than your average teacup , making it more accustomed to the teabag than the coffee granule. Thus despite my previous objections, it seems my mother’s conviction that “tea tastes better in a good old-fashioned cup and saucer” is certainly justified by PiP Studio’s rendition of the classic drinking vessel.

Whether you’re looking for a one off luxury cup or teapot to sip away at on a breezy Sunday afternoon or a fully fledged cupboard-full of crockery, PiP Studio won’t fail to make you feel as special their products look and feel. Bright and beautiful as well as understated and unbelievable, they’d be an extroverted purchase for extroverts and introverts alike.

If you’ve got an hour to spare, I highly recommend getting lost in the PiP Studio website: http://www.pipstudio.com/en/


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