Yogi Tea ‘Choco Aztec Spice’

It’s been a few years since I accepted the fact that I’m simply not one of those people who can eat what they want to excess. And holding on to this realisation becomes more and more painful when you’re surrounded by friends and family who, frankly, can. I spend my weekly shops looking for low fat food solutions that don’t make me feel deprived, half-starved or tortured. Such deprivation usually results in a counter-productive binge (around Wednesday) on Jelly Babies, Wine Gums or Milka.

My sugar-lusting voyages through the world of chocolatey drinks have produced mostly the same disappointing truths. Haven’t we all explored the hot chocolate sections of the major supermarkets? Rows upon rows of powder forms of guaranteed weight-gain or tasteless, synthetic heaps of disgustingness. But alas! The caffè mocha! Unfortunately not. 1-a-day and it’s hello love handles. But after a thorough scanning of the Planet Organic teaisle/tea aisle, it looks as if my faithful friend Tea has prevailed and at last provided an answer. And here he is…

My inner conservative screamed that Yogi’s chocolatea creation (yes, I went there) had a scary amount of potential to be revolting, but my flamboyance forced me to the till. Because after all, this blog wouldn’t exist without a touch of risk-taking.

And now surveying the tasteful and intriguing box, I just want to crinkle my nose and giggle: it must be the tea’s alleged ability to, I quote, “inspire feelings of joy with each cup”. Skipping dessert in an attempt to truly relish my Emma Bridgewater filled mug of chocolatea goodness, I was almost nervous as the kettle proudly rumbled. “You should’ve just had a yoghurt, Alex” I told myself. But I needn’t have fretted: my first Yogi Tea experience oozed genius from the get go. Opening the box, I was charmed to find that attached to each tea bag was a fragment of wisdom in quotation form: my first read “Laughing cleans the teeth”, my cheeky second “Stand by the strengths of your soul”.

The action of drinking the tea is arguably even more enjoyable than reading the little  messages, which at almost 19 I find worryingly amusing. With an advised provision of at least 7 minutes infusion in order to benefit from the full Choco Aztec Spice taste experience, this tea is a flexible one: the longer left to infuse, the more intense the flavour. The cinnamon is beautifully understated and the ginger pleasantly subordinate enough to showcase the unmistakable stars of the show: the exotic spices and South American cocoa.

My verdict is that Yogi Tea have come through: this is chocolate tasting tea and it really is delicious. My advice would be to steer clear of the conviction that this is a calorie-free version of hot chocolate because it isn’t: expect it to be watery, expect it to be subtle, expect it to be tea.

An organic ‘anytime of the day’ tea, this creative blend would work perfectly as a breakfast accompaniment to brighten up your dull cereal, an afternoon pick-me-up or a post-dinner cheeky mugful of guilt-free indulgence.


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