Keeping up with the KeepCups

Environmentally friendly, conscious, frantic: call it what you want, but it’s a key characteristic of 21st Century social behaviour. And now the tea world has its very own answer to recycling… The KeepCup.

What is it? The first distinction has to be that it isn’t a flask. It’s a plastic reusable cup intended to eradicate the need for anti-environment paper cups. I agree it has the potential to be yet another frivolous invention destined for the slow push to the back of the kitchen cupboard, but this quirky little creation could have long-term credibility.

Visiting the KeepCup website, it’s evident they’re working their environmentally friendly socks off to sell this piece of plastic to the reader. They’ll tell you it’s got “thermal qualities”, the “functionality of disposable cups” and is even of “barista standard” (i.e Costa will slap a latte in there for you and it’ll still taste pretty great). But I implore you to see past this superfluous jargon! Because frankly, the best things about the KeepCup are blindingly obvious.

This kind of idea isn’t strictly new to the shops, but in my view the KeepCup has set itself aside from all the other contenders. Firstly, it is extremely lightweight and its smooth lines, killer curves and simple features make it pretty sexy to behold. To this attractiveness add the fact that you can choose from many sizes and colours or even create your own if you’re feeling brave: perfect for fashion conscious city goers.

But looks aren’t everything. To me, what is so revolutionary about the KeepCup is its simple function. It comes down to the age-old problem: you’re already running late and there just isn’t time to brush your teeth and finish your caffeine-enriched cuppa. Indeed my memories of my first year of university are blighted by frequent winter morning walks through the streets of Central London which I mostly spent mourning the loss of half of my cup of tea. Had I had a KeepCup, my mornings would’ve been just that little bit warmer and my sorrows focused wholly on the ridiculously early time visible on the face of my Casio watch and the stupidity of most of the other pedestrians on the pavement.

All in all, this little plastic cup is a good buy. Priced at around £8 each, the KeepCup will allow you to indulge your need to have all the latest stylish and trendy ‘it’ gadgets whilst providing the fool-proof excuse of ‘saving the planet’.

In need of some tea-based procrastination? Fill your cups, I mean boots:


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