Subtle-tea is key

The tea industry is saturated and so to succeed, surely one must stand out? True. But crazy concoctions and bizarre blends are not necessarily the way forward…

Post-exam celebrations in The Elephant’s Head on Camden High Street led me to a horrifying tea discovery. Not quite ready to begin drinking, I ordered a tea. Urges to “go for something different” resounded repeatedly through my mind, so I chose the London Fruit & Herb Company’s Apple and Cinnamon Twist. I love apples, I love cinnamon, I love twists and I love tea, so this has to work. Wrong. In fact ‘wrong’ is the operative word when describing every element of this tea.

My friends being less than impressed by the, I quote, “disgusting” scent, my apple pie in a mug wasn’t getting off to the best of starts. Unfortunately, I was entirely denied the pleasure of using my ‘never judge a tea by the first whiff’ line on them because what I proceeded to taste was, frankly, diabolical. The apples too sweet, the cinnamon overbearing, after half a mug’s worth all I felt was sick. I’m not the kind of girl to disown her tea half way down the mug, but even I had to abandon ship.

The failures of many-a-garish tea affirm the beauty of the softer teas on the market. Yes the world needs a little edginess, but sometimes true edginess comes from the recognition that subtlety is key.


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