Make tea, not war

“There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea”Bernard-Paul Heroux

At arguably the darkest moment of my life so far, sobbing inconsolably, my dad took inspiration from good old Bernard-Paul and offered me a cup of tea. He then, rather innocently for a 65 year-old man, boiled the kettle, and with a concerned, bewildered expression asked “what do I do next?”. And for just a few seconds, gazing in amazement at him, my anguish simply drifted from my mind, as the steam does from the kettle.

My cup of tea most definitely did not mend my broken heart. What it did do, however, is bring me back down to Earth. Tea can be a metaphor for emotion. It is variable, at times it is cool and calm, at others it’s boiling with rage, too hot to handle for some. But it can also represent a way in which to diffuse these emotions, much like a silent friend. The action of picking up the hot cup, the focus upon each careful sip, the enjoyment of the warmth and deliciousness is an indirect way of shaking yourself up and saying “get a grip”. If tea had a voice, it’d be the voice of reason…



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