Kusmi ‘Thé vert à la fraise’ (strawberry green tea)

Looking into my cupboard, this tea is unquestionably my favourite. Not only is it delicious, but it’s also very close to my heart.

I accidentally discovered Kusmi Tea on my first trip to Paris with my boyfriend, Fred. Roaming the maze of Le Marais in the pouring rain, we decided to seek refuge. As it happened our chosen refuge was (to put it mildly) the most beautiful tea shop I had ever had the fortune of entering. An Eden, a colourful Shangri-La of tins upon tins of the finest, wackiest, most exotic teas imaginable.


This was a dream come true, but also a nightmare. How could I, Miss Indecisive 2012, choose one blend from such an overwhelmingly mouth-wateringly splendid array? After spending 10 minutes bouncing around the shop, the shopkeeper approached me with a free sample. “Voilà le thé vert à la fraise, c’est très délicieux” (This is strawberry green tea, it’s very nice). It was as if God (and moreover the shopkeeper) were telling me to get a move on and decide. I sipped from my paper cup and ended up buying a tin. And now it sits beside me in my pokey little university bedroom as I slurp away writing nonsense about it. But I don’t just love this tea because of why and where I bought it, I love it because Kusmi has a story.

Although the distinctive Kusmi Tea logo rests proudly upon the word ‘Paris’, it was originally founded in Russia. In 1917, it re-established itself in Paris (which at first glance I can only put down to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution) and this intriguing sequence of historical events is etched upon every encounter I have with Kusmi. It looks revolutionary. It tastes continental. One can smell the weary journey from Russia to Paris.

Strawberry Green Tea is truly charismatic, it’s beauty and power lie in it’s simplicity, much like many of the most beautiful women in the world. It doesn’t need to convince you of its status as a gourmet blend: the flavours are subtle, but unless you’re a hardcore flavour seeker, they won’t fail to hypnotise your  taste buds. Perfect for a summer’s afternoon in the garden or a cosy winter night working away at your desk, Strawberry Green Tea earns pride of place on any shelf (student or princess).



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