Pukka ‘Night Time’

I’ve been having unsettling dreams recently. They’re not quite nightmares, just a little disturbing. Naturally, I put it down to the mind-crippling exams UCL have enforced upon me but that doesn’t mean they don’t have to be dealt with. So I have turned to my friend, tea, to restore my previous flowery, happy-go-lucky dreams.

Rather like the days of choosing which Pokemon you want, I settled upon  ‘Night Time’ tea by Pukka as I stood longingly between the rows of crazy teas Planet Organic had imported (obviously knowing I was in need of a new T-shaped friend). ‘Night Time’ is a unique blend of organic oat flower, lavender and limeflower. I must admit, upon my first opening of one of the individually wrapped sachets, I was overcome by an overwhelming scent of… feet. “Good one Alex, you’ve picked the worst tea in the shop” I thought to myself as the kettle rumbled away. Mais non.

In such a case, the old saying ‘never judge a tea by it’s first smell’ came through. With each sip from my mug, I felt as if I was being mentally, physically and spiritually massaged by some kind of angelic masseuse. Instantly tantalised by the lavender, the sweetness of the limeflower and the savoury sexiness of the oat flower then battled for the attention of my taste buds. Who won, it is impossible to call. And whether the demon dreams are banished I have yet to find out, but one thing is for sure: sip by sip, my flowery bed sheets are looking more and more inviting…



3 thoughts on “Pukka ‘Night Time’

  1. We just bought this tea at home! It DID smell like feet but now I’ll give it a try
    PS your roomie is FINALLY catching up xx

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